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Physiotherapy at Toll Barn Vets


At Toll Barn Vets we believe in constantly providing the highest standard of care for our patients

by utilising a holistic approach which is not solely reliant on medication. This

is particularly beneficial for chronic conditions and significantly improves our pets’ quality of life. 


As part of this commitment we offer our patients Physiotherapy which reduces pain and improves mobility. Physiotherapy is effective at treating acute and chronic pain as well as improving Physiotherapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions in a variety of species.  This can include reduced performance, reduced mobility including arthritis, skeletal or joint problems including hip and elbow dysplasia, muscular injury, strains or soreness and some spinal problems. Our Physiotherapy clinics are able to offer a wide range of treatment options which include manual therapies such as massage and electrotherapies such as laser therapy, red light therapy and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Physiotherapy is safe and painless and can reduce the requirement for medication and aid treatment of many conditions including : 

  • osteoarthritis

  • degenerative joint disease (eg hip and elbow dysplasia)

  • intervertebral disc disease (spinal pain)

  • post operative recovery from orthopaedic surgery eg cruciate ligament repair

  • Fracture healing

  • muscle and tendon sprains and strains

  • treatment of orthopaedic disease (eg cruciate ligament rupture)

  • trauma and soft tissue injuries

We are one of the few centres within East Anglia to be able to offer Physiotherapy onsite and are happy to discuss the suitability of Physiotherapy as part of your pets care.

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