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Exotic Pet Referral Service

After several years working in busy practices within the Norfolk area with a high case load of both companion animal and first opinion and referral exotic pets, Faye Bethell gained her European School of Postgraduate Studies General Practitioner Certificate in Exotic Animal Practice in 2012 and became an RCVS Recognised Advaced Practitioner in Zoological Medicine in 2017.   

Our exotic pet service is happy to see and advise on any species including : 


Birds, Reptiles, Small Mammals including Rabbits and Guinea Pigs, Amphibians, Invertebrates, Fish and Crustaceans and Zoo species.



                                   We understand treating and hospitalising exotic pets can be challenging with greater opportunities now                                             existing for diagnosis and treatment of disease which often requires different areas of knowledge and                                               specialised medication and equipment. 


                                    We have built a strong relationship with many local practices and are happy to assist you in providing the                                         best care for your clients through telephone advice, radiograph reports and referral consultations for                                         any exotic pet. We pride ourselves on our communication with both referring veterinary practices and                                               referral clients and will always keep both clients and vet informed of all treatment options and patient                                               progress.  We will provide you, as the referring vet, with a written report at every stage of treatment ensuring you are always aware of investigation performed, diagnosis and treatment required.  


The surgery has been designed to incorporate staff, equipment and facilities to enable us to provide the

best possible care for both companion animals and exotic pets.  As such, any clients referred will benefit

from access to Sevoflurane gas anaesthesia, nebulisation and oxygen therapy for respiratory cases,

electrocautery to minimise haemorrhage during surgery, full dental care including radiographs,

tooth extraction and length reduction and dental abscess treatment, ultrasound, digital x-ray

machine capable of imaging the smallest fish or lizard, CT scanner and in house biochemistry

machine requiring just 0.1ml of blood. 


                                           All hospitalised exotic pets are housed within the exotic ward away from the stress of cats and dogs.                                                   Our exotic ward has vision panels and remote camera monitoring to enable supervision without                                                         constantly disturbing hospitalised pets in order to reduce stress and includes spacious housing for                                                     rabbits, guinea pigs and small mammals as well as avian housing with perches and food appropriate                                                 for each species and heated vivaria for our reptile patients. 


We offer a 24/7 out of hours emergency service so should you need to refer a case or just seek advice we are always happy to help.  Please telephone 01692 407126 and you will be directed to the vet on duty. 


Our In-House Lecture Suite accommodates regular CPD talks for vets and nurses in all aspects of

exotic pet care to help you become more confident treating exotic pets and ensure your clients always

receive the best care and treatment options. 

Please contact us to discuss any cases you would like to talk through or to find out any further

information on our referral service or CPD talks. 


We look forward to hearing from you!


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