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Outpatient CT Scanning Service


Toll Barn Vets can now provide a CT imaging service available on-site 7 days a week.

We can image your cases for you and prepare a detailed report, or alternatively provide

imaging without a report, providing cost effective imaging for you and your clients

allowing you to retain follow up work within your practice, benefiting client continuity and

practice case management. 


Our 16 Slice multidetector CT can be used for any part of the body with images acquired

in seconds meaning shorter overall anaesthetic times.

Typical CT applications include:

  • Orthopaedic – bone pathology; 3D reconstructions; complex fractures; Elbow

      dysplasia; osteomyelitis; neoplasia

  • Oncology – margin assessment and metastases screening with sensitivity of 1mm

      compared to 5mm on conventional radiography

  • Neurological – Spinal cord and vertebra disease; non-inflammatory brain disease

  • Blood vessel – infarctions and shunts

  • Ocular – retrobular disease; globe disease

  • Trauma assessment

  • Thoracic – pulmonary disease; neoplasia staging; rib disease; some cardiac disease

  • Skull - 3D reconstructions of dental disease with identification of root abscesses and

      temporomandibular joint disease; skull fractures; brain neoplasia; tympanic bulla

      disease; External ear canal disease

  • Nasal disease – paranasal sinus disease; nasal disease (foreign body, granuloma,

      fungal, neoplasia)

  • Contrast studies – CT contrast urography; portosystemic shunts; migrating foreign


To refer a case for CT or discuss your CT requirements please contact us on 01692 407126 or complete the online CT Imaging Referral Form


Terms and conditions of the Imaging Only CT Service: 

A full clinical history is required even if you do not wish to fully refer the case to us. We will image the case and you can either have the images sent to you for interpretation or we can image and provide a full report. The client will have an admission and discharge appointment with a VN and will not see our clinicians so will not be charged a referral consult fee. Contrast media used in advanced imaging are used with caution in patients with impaired renal or liver function therefore patients should have had a pre-anaesthetic biochemistry in the 2 weeks prior to the procedure- if this has not been performed or the referring vet has not provided results of this we reserve the right to perform a Pre-anaesthetic biochemistry on the day of the procedure at an additional cost to the owner.  We will not discuss imaging result with the owners, give any treatments or treatment recommendations * (*except in emergency situations where the patients health and welfare is at risk, in such cases we will always try to contact you and keep you informed )

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