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Laser Therapy at Toll Barn Vets


We believe in constantly providing the highest standard of care for our patients by utilising cutting

edge technology to reduce reliance on medication and speed recovery. This is particularly beneficial

for chronic conditions and significantly improves our pets’ quality of life. 


We offer both acupuncture and laser therapy for our patients to reduce inflammation and provide

pain relief.  They are effective at treating acute and chronic pain as well as improving wound healing.  Laser therapy is most frequently performed in contact with the area being treated, however, for

nervous patients it can be used without contact with the body and can also be applied to

acupuncture points to achieve similar responses to traditional acupuncture without requiring

application of needles. 

Laser therapy is safe, painless and fast with most sessions taking 5-10 minutes per area of treatment and most patients show significant improvement after 3-5 treatment sessions. 


Laser therapy and acupuncture encourage the body’s own healing powers by stimulating cellular activity which reduces inflammation, provides pain relief, stimulates nerve regeneration and improves tissue repair often leading to a reduction in requirement for medication and reduced healing times.


Laser therapy and acupuncture often forms part of the treatment for

  • osteoarthritis

  • degenerative joint disease (eg hip and elbow dysplasia)

  • intervertebral disc disease (spinal pain)

  • skin disease

  • post operative wound healing

  • sprains and strains

  • treatment of orthopaedic disease (eg cruciate ligament rupture)

  • periodontal disease

We are one of the few centres within East Anglia to have a Laser suitable to perform these treatments and are happy to accept referrals from other practices with patients who would benefit from Laser Therapy

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