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Luxury Pet Hotel


We understand how stressful going on holiday can be when you own a pet, especially if

your pet is elderly or on long term medication.  In 2017 Toll Barn Vets Luxury Pet Hotel

opened its doors and started receiving happy guests! Our Luxury Pet Hotel caters for

cats and small mammals (including rabbits) whilst owners are on holiday.  We hope this

provides peace of mind that pets are receiving the best possible care from qualified vets

and nurses during holiday periods. 

The Pet Hotel offers a brand new, purpose built and fully licenced boarding cattery 

(Licence number AA006) which has been awarded a 5* rating and is run from Toll Barn

Veterinary Centre in North Walsham.  Toll Barn Vets has already been

accredited as a Gold Standard Cat and Rabbit Friendly Practice and all pets that stay in

the Pet Hotel receive a free of charge health check by our qualified veterinary nurses

prior to admission to ensure they are fit and healthy and ready for their holiday experience. 

The Pet Hotel offers 6 purpose built enclosures within a self contained fully heated and air

conditioned cattery which is also equipped with its own ventilation system to ensure no

unpleasant lingering aromas.  The UPVc designed enclosures and medical grade flooring ensure hygiene and warmth for our guests, and the design ensures privacy so that neighbouring guests can’t see each other to avoid any stressful encounters. 


Cat owners know that their Cats like to exercise but also enjoy taking some time out for relaxation.  To cater for this our enclosures have a large raised sleeping area in addition to an exercise area which contains toys and activities to keep our guests entertained. 


All our guests are cared for by the Toll Barn Vets staff which means they have a fully qualified vet and nurse available to them 24/7 should they need it.  This also enables us to provide any daily medication your pet requires and to monitor any health problems they may have, allowing you to have your own a stress free holiday knowing that your pet is receiving the best possible care. 

                                                                                                We look forward to welcoming many more guests to our                                                                                                      Luxury Pet Hotel so if you would like to talk to us about                                                                                                      the services we can offer or have a look around then please                                                                                                  give us a call on 01692 407126 and we will be happy to                                                                                                      arrange a tour of our facilities.

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