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CT Scanning Service

Our commitment to investing in state of the art equipment has resulted in installation

of our onsite CT Scanner. We are delighted to be one of only 2 practices within Norfolk

to have an onsite CT Scanner and as CT Scanners are so few and far between the

addition of our Scanner marks a significant improvement in the standard of care

currently easily accessible to local pets and owners. 

CT scanners use radiation in the same way as x-rays but allow a complete 3D image

of the pet with specialised software then allowing advanced reconstructions including

3D skeletal, blood vessel and soft tissue reconstructions.  CT scanners have thousands

of applications within veterinary care and are the best (and sometimes only) method

of diagnosing and assessing the optimal treatment options for some forms of

orthopaedic disorders such as elbow dysplasia, complex fractures, bone tumours and

limb growth deformities. 


CT scanning also provides for improved tumour management as they are much more sensitive than conventional x-ray in the search for tumour spread, assessing the 3D boundaries of the tumour to allow precise surgical removal.


CT scanning also provides for better identification of nasal disease including tumour, fungal infection, bacterial infection and foreign bodies; ear disease including middle ear disease; lung disease including infection, tumour, foreign bodies and trauma damage; neurological conditions including imaging of the spine, spinal cord and brain.


Our 16 Slice multidetector CT is a very specialised machine which is able to image all species of pet from the smallest lizard to the largest dog and can be used for any part of the body with images acquired in seconds meaning shorter overall anaesthetic times.


We are delighted with our recent CT scanner addition and after our intensive specialist training have already been making use of it to help treat pets under our care.  

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