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Emergency & Out of Hours Care at Toll Barn Vets

Our staff have experience of owning pets and realise accidents and emergencies can happen.  We operate an appointment system during normal opening hours to keep waiting times to a minimum.  However, should an emergency arise please call the surgery and will aim to see you as soon as possible.  


We understand emergency situations are stressful for you and your pet and are committed to providing compassionate and consistent care 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We offer an onsite 24/7 emergency out of hours service for our clients with a vet and nurse available 24/7 meaning you will usually see a familiar vet in a familiar environment who has your pets records at hand. 


In the event of an emergency please telephone the surgery on 01692 407126 where you will be directed to the on-duty veterinary surgeon. 


Our Out of Hours care means hospitalised in-patients are cared for on-site avoiding stressful journeys to alternative premises for overnight stays. Hospitalised patients are regularly checked overnight with the frequency determined by their condition. For example some patients will require continuous overnight bedside nursing whilst others are more suited to regular overnight checks. Our remote camera monitoring system means our on duty team can monitor patients throughout the night and receive additional alerts should patients make noise or move. This allows us to recognise any unexpected changes and to continually monitor his or her comfort. You can be assured that, should your pet require it, intensive care will be given during these hours and the vet or nurse will remain at your pets bedside as long as necessary. 


Veterinary surgeons are able to refer emergency exotic cases by telephoning 01692 407126.

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